Hot & Cold supplies

Hot & Cold supplies
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Combines the #1 clinically recommended topical analgesic and the best spray technology available. ..
BodyIce Cold Packs by Dynatronics
Reformulated filler and custom sealed to reduce leakage, this flexible pack molds easily to the body..
ColPaC®  by Chattanooga
Designed for heavy clinical use. • Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughou..
Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold packs
Provides hot or cold therapy and will not leak if punctured. Remains soft and flexible to tempera..
Hydrocollator® Moist Heat HotPac™ by Chattanooga
The Original Hydrocollator® Moist Heat HotPac™ designed to fit every body contour. Provides ..
Nylatex® Wraps
Ideal for securing ColPaC® and hot pac's to treatment area. Comes with 3 per pa..
Terry cloth covers
Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers The Terry Covers are designed to cover Hydrocollator hot pack..
Therabeads Moist Heat, Cervical
Therabeads consist of tiny hydroscopic beads mixed with a special fluid that enhances their ability ..
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