Hot & Cold supplies

Hot & Cold supplies
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BodyIce Cold Packs by Dynatronics
Reformulated filler and custom sealed to reduce leakage, this flexible pack molds easily to the body..
ColPaC®  by Chattanooga
Designed for heavy clinical use. • Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughou..
Hydrocollator® Moist Heat HotPac™ by Chattanooga
The Original Hydrocollator® Moist Heat HotPac™ designed to fit every body contour. Provides ..
Nylatex® Wraps
Ideal for securing ColPaC® and hot pac's to treatment area. Comes with 3 per pa..
Terry cloth covers
Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers The Terry Covers are designed to cover Hydrocollator hot pack..
Therabeads Moist Heat, Cervical
Therabeads consist of tiny hydroscopic beads mixed with a special fluid that enhances their ability ..
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