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3 Piece hand Evaluation Kit
Featuring the highly accurate hydraulic hand dynamometer and hydraulic pinch gauge. Also included, i..
Acumar™ Single Digital Inclinometer
This compact, handheld inclinometer features a large digital display for easy reading. Store measure..
Adhesive Tape Remover Pads
ADHESIVE TAPE REMOVER PADS- 100/BOX Aids in the removal of adhesive tapes and leaves the skin free o..
Agility Ladder
This 15 ft plastic ladder has 10 rungs that can easily be moved to adjust stride length. Straps on e..
Aquasonic Gel Clear, 5 liter, 4/case
Clear ultrasound gel based on the same formula as Aquasonic 100. No perfume or color. Acoustically c..
Ball Base
BALL BASE provides added stability when using large exercise balls for beginners and those with bala..
Baseline® AcuAngle Inclinometer
The pointer is fluid dampened to assure accurate ROM measurements. Place the inclinometer near the j..
Bath Towels 20"x40
White towels by Martex are soft and absorbent. Made from 89% cotton and 11% polyester. Packaged by t..
Combines the #1 clinically recommended topical analgesic and the best spray technology available. ..
BodyIce Cold Packs by Dynatronics
Reformulated filler and custom sealed to reduce leakage, this flexible pack molds easily to the body..
Cloth Tape
Push-button Retractable Cloth Tape Indicates To 60 Inches On One Side, 150 Centimeters On The Other...
Concept 2000 Cervical Pillow Soft
CONCEPT 2000 PILLOW Features two lobes - one small, one large contour - to fit every size neck. Thre..
Cover Roll Stretch
A soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material that adapts well to body contours. For use in dr..
Deep Prep® Cream (Orange)
Waxy feel, long lasting for deep tissue massage. Contains coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, glyceryl la..
Deep Prep® II Cream (Blue)
Beeswax-free version of the original Deep Prep Cream. Contains synthetic beeswax. Ideal for people w..
Deluxe Sphygmomanometer
he ideal blend of quality and affordability. Includes: blue gauge, standard air release valve and in..
Digital Inclinometer
Comes with Velcro® strap and carrying case. ROM is clearly displayed after the joint has been taken ..
DynaFlex™ Electrodes
Our DynaFlex electrodes are constructed of the same quality components as our other DynaFlex electro..
DynaGel Clear Ultrasound Gel, 5 liters
Clear or blue, medium-viscosity ultrasound gel. Popular for use in therapeutic ultrasound, this wate..
Dynatron Ultrasound Lotion, 1 gallon
High quality lotion for those who prefer lotion as an alternative to ultrasound gel. This water solu..
Dynatron® 25 Series® D525T, 3 Channel Stim
Exclusive 3 Channel Models with Unequaled Comboplus™ Combination Therapy The only 3 channel..
Dynatron® 25 Series® D625T, 5 Channel Stim
Dynatron® 25 Series® D625T, 5 Channel Stim       .   ..
Dynatron® 25 Series® D825T, 3 Channel Combo Stim Ultrasound
Exclusive 3 & 5 Channel Models with Unequaled Comboplus™ Combination Therapy Includes s..
Dynatron® 25 Series® D925B, 5 Channel Combo Stim Ultrasound
Exclusive 3 & 5 Channel Models with Unequaled Comboplus™ Combination Therapy Includes s..
Latex free, designed to provide effective resistive therapy for fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm. A..
Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold packs
Provides hot or cold therapy and will not leak if punctured. Remains soft and flexible to tempera..
Foam Bed Wedges
Ideal for head, foot, or leg elevation. Comfortable, gradual slope helps to ease respiratory problem..
Foot Stool Bariatric
 Bariatric foot stool is manufactured with 1″ steel tubing. A cross brace attaches to legs via ..
Glove Dispenser Wall Rack
Sturdy wire frame for long-term use. Fits any glove box. White color.Easy to install -hardware inclu..
Gulick Measurement Tape
Spring Exerts Constant Force On Six-foot Tape For Accuracy. ..
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