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High low standard Single Pulley
The 1:1 weight-to-resistance ratio standard pulley , with its accessories, is considered one of the ..
Lat pull down
The Lat Pull Down MET equipment by Rehab Pro restores functional strength, endurance and coordinatio..
Mobilization Bench by Rehab Pro
The RehabPro Mobilization Bench allows active thoracic spine mobilization with counter curves in the..
Negative Weight bar
The Deloading Device for the Lateral Pulley is used to reduce patient weight and is used with the he..
Shoulder rotation Trainer, 3-D
The Shoulder Rotation Unit stablizes the shoulder to allow rotation along a specific path. It attach..
Speed pulley MET equipment
In addition to be utilized as a regular pulley, The  speed pulley allows for altering treatment..
Training Centre / Module for MET equipment
When wall mounting your pulley system is not an option, use the Pulley Station. This freestanding mo..
Multi-Purpose Bench by Rehab Pro
Used alone or together with exercise pulleys the multi-purpose bench assists in restoring upper body..
Standard Padded Pulley Straps
These self-locking, universal straps are made of canvas containing a 1/2" foam pad for client c..
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