SciFit Pro1 Upper Body Ergometer

SciFit Pro1 Upper Body Ergometer
SciFit Pro1 Upper Body Ergometer


This versatile, highly adjustable upper body exerciser can be used seated or standing. It is also ideal for ground-based training. •Adjustable tilt head for all heights and ranges of motion
•Adjustable arm cranks: 4 ROM settings plus unison motion
•True , adjustable step-through accessibility
•Bi-directional exercise
•Iso-Strength safe, accommodating strength program
•Very low starting resistance
•Wheelchair platform included


Adjustments allow user to work overhead or standing as well at the traditional seated upper body workout.

Adjustable console to accommodate users at all angles.

Crank arms adjustable and reversible for rotary rowing motion.

Seat options available are fixed height seat, bariatric fixed height seat and adjustable swivel seat which adjusts forward and back as well as up and down.

Resistance system-3 phase combination generator and eddy current brake with resistance output of 5 to 2000 watts.

Bi-directional movement and resistance for greater versatility.

Computer adjustable in .1 increments with 200 levels of resistance.

Heart Rate compatible with most wireless technology.


The new Intelli-Fit console includes the following programs:
•Heart Rate
•Constant Work
•Hill Profiles (6)
•Stress Test

Plus 6 New Programs

FitQuik-75-2  Fit-Quik® – Our exclusive Fit-Quik program is built-in to the Intelli-Fit console and offers a fast but highly effective interval training experience with changes of intensity that keep you focused. The workout moves quickly, keeping motivation high as you increase your overall endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular condition.
PowerBurst-75-2  Power Burst™ – a program within a program – Power Burst requires shorts bursts of power and strength using isokinetic resistance.
HeartFitTest-75-2  Heart Fit™ Test – this is a measurement tool for cardiovascular fitness that measures heart rate recovery. Using five 30-second sprints (30 seconds of work/30 seconds of recovery), it measures how quickly your heart rate recovers after each sprint. After completing 4-6 weeks of Heart Fit Training (see below), the Heart-Fit test can be repeated to measure improvement.
Heart Fit Training  Heart Fit™ Training – designed to improve heart rate recovery, it uses interval training and the Constant Work setting to progressively train for improved cardiovascular fitness.
PowerFitTest-75-2  Power Fit™ Test – used to set a benchmark for power, strength and endurance. It measures power output over a series of 30-second sprints (30 seconds of work/30 seconds of recovery). After completing 4-6 weeks of Power-Fit Training (see below), the Power Fit test can be repeated to measure improvement.
PowerFitTraining-75-2  Power Fit™ Training – this follows the Power-Fit test and is a program designed to improve power, strength and endurance using interval training and the Iso-Strength and Constant Work settings

3 years parts / 1 year labor limited warranty. Includes wheel chair platform

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