Walking Aids

Walking Aids
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Aluminum crutch
Lumex Universal Aluminum Crutches •Made of lightweight, anodized aluminum •Reinforced center tub..
Cane Aluminum
 Briggs Healthcare Adjustable Aluminum Cane •Unisex design •Constructed of str..
Folding 2 button Walkers
Press the buttons to fold the walker for easy transportation or storage. Available with rubber ti..
Folding cane, 33 - 37", black,
Folding cane, 33 - 37", black color ..
Forearm adjustable aluminum crutch
Forearm adjustable aluminum crutch, adult (5' 0" - 6' 2"), 1 pair: Steel forearm crutches with vi..
Gait Belt - - standard
•Cotton blend •Choice of 54" or 72" length •Choice of plastic or metal buckles •Full-color retail..
Gait Belt cotton
   Briggs Healthcare Cotton Ambulation Gait Belt •Made of heavy-duty 2" cotton web..
Offset handle adjustable aluminum cane, silver
Offset handle, adjustable aluminum cane, 29 - 38" ..
Quad cane
Chrome Quad Cane Low-profile design and wide 4-point base offers the maximum in stable and safe m..
Quad cane with small base
Quad cane, small base (8" x 9"), 29 - 38", chrome ..
Walking Cane with Offset vinyl Grip
Deluxe Walking Cane with Offset Vinyl Grip Features •Lightweight and sturdy reacher extends arm..
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